Ingo’s Tasty Diner – old school meets new school

Ingo's Tasty Diner is a little hidden (actually hidden) gem in the heart of Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd. Its no wonder, with all the hubub of Wilshire that its hard to miss, and you'd think the neon sign would help, but admittedly I walked right by it and then did a little back step … Continue reading Ingo’s Tasty Diner – old school meets new school


Esters for grilled cheese a must!

It really is just ridiculous that I haven't posted this review yet. I've been here a few times now and each time its a no brainer. Do you want grilled cheese? Yes. Do you want great wine? Yes. Okay lets go to Esters. If you have read my review on Cassia you know that I've … Continue reading Esters for grilled cheese a must!


I know it has been a few months since I went to Cassia, but I have been twice now, and there is one dish that really stands out for me. The first time I went, unfortunately it was with a few who had dietary restrictions so the ordering process wasnt so easy. The one thing … Continue reading Cassia


The review on Forma isnt quite complete as I didnt order a lot of food. But what I did order is much too good to forget about. Forma is an Italian Restaurant created by Chef Piero Topputo, General Manager Mario Sabatini, and third partner Rob Donnell. Honestly I went for one thing, and one thing … Continue reading Forma

R + D

R&D is a really fun place located on a seemingly popular strip. I have yet to thoroughly discover Montana but it is a name that comes up a lot. And often times it's because people are talking about R&D. On a very quiet no-nothing Friday my gals and I decided to do happy hour there. … Continue reading R + D