I know it has been a few months since I went to Cassia, but I have been twice now, and there is one dish that really stands out for me. The first time I went, unfortunately it was with a few who had dietary restrictions so the ordering process wasnt so easy. The one thing … Continue reading Cassia


The review on Forma isnt quite complete as I didnt order a lot of food. But what I did order is much too good to forget about. Forma is an Italian Restaurant created by Chef Piero Topputo, General Manager Mario Sabatini, and third partner Rob Donnell. Honestly I went for one thing, and one thing … Continue reading Forma

R + D

R&D is a really fun place located on a seemingly popular strip. I have yet to thoroughly discover Montana but it is a name that comes up a lot. And often times it's because people are talking about R&D. On a very quiet no-nothing Friday my gals and I decided to do happy hour there. … Continue reading R + D