Casablanca is a real mix-bag of fun

I was told I’m not really allowed (or haven’t earned the privilege) to telling people about Casablanca but, its just… I have to. Here you have a restaurant totally themed after Casablanca the movie, has nothing to do with Morocco, and serves authentic Mexican food. The restaurant looks a little dingy on the outside but in the inside its very cozy. The décor is mainly Casablanca-themed with a tequila cart (served by a gentleman named Chip) that serves you top shelf tequila drinks. The menu gets a little confusing because here and there, there are a few Moroccan-ish dishes, but it’s a full length menu of the finest Mexican foods.


You know, overall I would say the food is good…. but what makes it is the fresh tortillas. Made right in front of you, and bottomless supplies – sooooo good. Casablanca is an experience. It is unlike any other Mexican restaurant, has more identity that most places, cozy enough to take your family, and has a bit of history behind it.

Casablanca Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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