All About the Bread really is more than just the bread

We received a list of the top sandwich places in LA and “All about the Bread” seemed like the heartiest sandwich of the bunch. As we drove up, the place was kinda tucked in beside some other small places, but the sign was very apparent. If we didn’t know the address it would be easy to drive by and miss. Inside, its just a deli. Nothing to pretty the place up, just a counter, and some seats. A board behind the counter displays the sandwich names and their ingredients. A deli case on the left, and a soda fridge on the right. Pretty simple. Once your sandwich is done they call your name. Much like any other submarine or sandwich place, the goods are wrapped in paper, but this time the wrapper reveals a jam packed sandwich with the freshest ingredients and ‘real’ meat. Each ingredient is layered one on top of another, just as their website indicates.

Their food pledge

None of the ingredients are overly bold, its just an honest sandwich. And the bread is absolutely, undeniably fresh. The bubbles on the lightly baked exterior are a tell-tale sign.


If you are looking for a sloppy sandwich with messy sauce and obscure ingredients this is not the place to go. What you will find here is simple, smart, fresh sandwiches with a lot of love.

All About the Bread Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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