Sriracha meets Big Mac Sauce on a rather unfamiliar burger.

I’m not even sure why I’m reviewing a McDonald’s burger but I honestly had to share my disappointment with what I thought was a classic Big Mac burger with a bit of heaven in its sauce. I was wrong. Like oh so wrong. I didn’t read the fine print I guess, because the sriracha sauce mixed with Big Mac sauce is just one of many ‘bold flavor’ additions to their burger menu. If you’re a Big Mac fan like I am, you devour that double stacked sandwich because of the scrumptious finger-licking Big Mac sauce that is tangy and smothered all over the bun and the lettuce. Well this ‘beef’ burger (oh you get the option of chicken or beef) is a single stacked burger with spinach (what?), tomato, onion, a dry single patty and a dab of sriracha-flavored sauce (if you can call it that). I just cant. Anyways, try it for yourself and let me know what you think. You might like it but it ain’t no Big Mac and its certainly not what I imagined.


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