Wurstkuche is the epitome of gourmet sausage

We now have this tradition to leave the LAX parking lot and head to a brew pub or a small plates restaurant for a little snack before heading home to Sherman Oaks. This time we decided to try out this mysterious Wurstkuche – translated as a kitchen for making sausages – Venice’s new gourmet sausage ‘restaurant’. The line is out the door, which gives you lots of time to decide what to order. The meat case is the first thing you see once you step foot in the entrance. Everything from a classic Bratwurst to something as unique as rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeno peppers. Its a little daunting but here’s the best part. You choose your beer from a selection of nearly 25 craft beers, and they pour it for you so you can drink in line while you choose your food. The staff are good at helping you narrow down which toppings go well with which sausage, and then after cashing out your creation is taken to be grilled. You order in this tiny hallway and turn the corner, beer in hand, through a bit of a maze, and end up in this refreshing, inviting, beer garden. Indoor tables are communal picnic tables covered in brown paper and crayons. Outside seating is limited and snug but beautiful out on the terrace. And on each table is a selection of different mustard. You wait, you sit, and voila your food is served to you in mere minutes.

But lets rewind for a second. Owners Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson have an eye for design, and have created an environment that generates conversation and happy feelings. The interior is outfitted with bare wood walls and concrete flooring. Its a modern room but with very little elements of pretension. ‘Inside My Kitchen’ has a great video below on the inspiration for the original location in Downtown LA. It looks as though a lot of the sausage meat are either chosen by or made by the owners as well? Either way, I’d love to get the skinny on the farmers and the sausage meat selection. But the video also gives you a sneak peek into the guys themselves.

We chose the Austin Blues which had some heat to it. And the Duck and Bacon with Jalapeno peppers. What a punch of flavor in that one. There really is something for everyone, and the quality is superb. Unfortunately we did not order the fries but the beers were so fricken good. Its a different kind of beverage pairing but choosing the right beer with the right sausage is key to getting all the flavors.


Everyone is very friendly and the service is quick. If you’re looking for something different; something that is charming, unique and tasty, you must come here. Its the whole experience really.

Wurstküche Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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