Scopa Italian Roots

Scopa called me back,… nothing until 9:45! Sorry bud, but my belly does not do well with a 9:45 dinner. I let the girls down gently that we couldn’t get a reservation at Scopa Italian Roots for our friend’s birthday party. So on Friday night we decided, out of curiosity, to drive by the restaurant and just take a gander. The lovely gentlemen at the front greeted us so kindly, and assured us there was plenty of space for us at the hightop that seated 10 people so long as we were ok with sitting next to strangers. Luckily they were dealing with 4 of the most social cats in the city!

We started the night with a silky smooth, and subtly savoury housemade ricotta crostini from the cold antipasti side, accompanied by the rice ball – with meat sauce, peas, ricotta, mozzarella and tomato sauce – from the hot antipasti side. This rice ball, quite crispy on the outside, reveals a well cooked meaty interior, lightly seasoned; a great texture contrast. Its easy to cut, and a very tasty choice for sharing.

To carry on with the night we ordered two pasta dishes: the chitarra (the more simple of the two with black pepper and pecorino), and the cavatelli (with tiny bits of sausage, broccoli rabe and locatelli). The both of them were tasty, and the freshness very evident, but sort of a side dish to the honorable Veal Chop Milanese. A fine breading on the top, and perfectly cooked on the inside. It was a treat to have a bone-in veal especially with a meat that lacks in fat (that tends to help with tenderness while cooking).

We finished off with a brown bag of powder coated warm donut holes. Need I say more?

The ambiance and the service at Scopa Italian Roots are both top class. No matter where you are seated in the restaurant, the glamour of the floor-to-ceiling shelving of liquor bottles and the raw bar to one side are visible from all angles, and a rather grandiose spectacle. We were not rushed, which is a lot to say for 4 girls who walked in unannounced and stayed for many hours. And while I hate to admit to falling star struck, chef Antonia Lofaso has outdone herself and is a force to reckon with, truly!

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