Pump Restaurant

So this is how it went down. Mom arrived in town and it was my first girls weekend with her. First thing we do? Start watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I was a virgin to the show, and after two episodes …yeah I was hooked.

It was pretty clear lunch was gonna be at Pump. I wanted to take mom to Pump of all the places Lisa Vanderpump owns mainly because I drove by it before and from the street it looked beautifully pink and girly. It was the perfect place to have our first girls lunch. Just like you see on tv the garden terrace is outfitted with transplanted trees arching over tables outside and random lanterns hang from the trees. Very Parisian and feminine. But the inside is a disarray of garden party decorations and a tea-party-esk atmosphere. Lots of pink. In fact the predominantly male wait staff are outfitted in baby pink t-shirts with big letters spelling PUMP across their chests. I can see where it was all trying to tie together and it was cozy. Just, … not what I expected from the ever-so-elegant Lisa Vanderpump. The bathroom was atrocious. I never expected Lisa Vanderpump to give the okay on Unisex bathrooms, with the pungent smell of urine. No offense Lisa but men are messy pee’ers. My overwhelming disappointment on that point was countered by the sight of the beautiful Lisa and her family having lunch on the Terrace.

And like a typical girl I was easily distracted by Lisa that I forgot about the stinky bathroom, ran to mom and shared my sightings with her. To celebrate we started out with cocktails which were delicious. And alcoholic. And Pink. And Delicious (yes I said delicious twice). So far so good. We ordered two of the highly recommended dishes – the Seared Salmon Scramble, and the Pinky Pump Burger. Both were tasty and fresh with simple ingredients. Nothing overly unique but still tasty. What I gathered after this meal was that the fun pink feminine atmosphere was the draw to Pump, and not so much the culinary experience. Would I go back? Absolutely. I would go back with a ton of girls, a long afternoon and a thirst for a pitcher of pink cocktails. And Im a sucker for celebrity sightings so we may need to make a stop at Sur now that Ive crushed all 4 seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Okay… stopping now.

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