Pita Kitchen

Talk about a hidden gem. Pita Kitchen is located around the corner from Crave Cafe on Van Nuys Blvd (Sherman Oaks). I would have missed the damn thing if it werent for that oh so familiar smell of Shawarma blowing out the door. I was told about Pita Kitchen since I moved here and I just kept imagining it to be a big box chain restaurant. Ive had my fair share of commercialized pitas…. but not this. Oh no! The place is dingy, and there are maybe 16 seats in side, at best. The kitchen doesn’t even deserve to be called a kitchen, and the menu is scratched on a board above the ‘ordering counter’. I asked the guy what they were known for and he recommended the beef and lamb shawarma or the chicken shawarma. I went with the chicken. Check this out…

It is loaded with humus (delicious homemade humus!), chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers. Its just mouthwatering. And they provide you with this little container of chopped jalapenos. Not only was this the best shawarma but it really brought me back to my days in Ottawa. Just do me a favor and dont tell too many people about this place. Seriously!

Pita Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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