Toast of the town. What is toast, you ask?

For Californians and New Yorkers this may come as a surprise that Im writing a blog article about toast. Turns out people have been writing about toast (sorry,.. a hem… ‘artisanal toast’) since the beginning of time (aka the beginning of 2014). Yes this is not news to you. But for someone who comes from a city where trends don’t always survive, this whole toast thing is kinda mind-boggling to me. When I first moved to LA in May there was this thing called ‘toast’ that appeared on so many menus and I just didnt understand how this was a ‘thing’. So I took note of all the places that served toast and I tried to make sense of it. Ive had toast at what used to be Epic, at Tipple and Brine, and even more recently at Hinterland.

Yeah, so brace yourselves all you newbies. What is toast, you ask? Here is the short of it.

Blah blah blah, enter beautiful rags-to-riches story of San Fran cafe that started serving toast on their menu (you can look this up on your own time). It is thickly cut bread, lightly toasted, and topped with the most delicious toppings of your choice and charged $5-$10 per serving. Thats… well thats what it is. Its toast.

When the $4 toast first emerged in San Fran there was tremendous outcry about the simplistic food being glorified and priced at $4. But as luck would have it the idea took off. Now, it can be served as a glorified open sandwich, it could be a vehicle for salmon or avocado, it could be smothered in cheese and sauce. In most cases it is what I would like to think of as a pre-assembled charcuterie board.

Confession: yes, it is somewhat expensive for what it is. But god damnit you cant go wrong with toast. I will eat all the toast in the city. I will travel miles to eat good toast. Its beautiful, its delicate yet bold, and its satisfying. Hey, “It is what it is”.

Hey check this out. There’s even a book about it…



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