Tipsy Cow

When I first moved to Sherman Oaks I vowed that I would keep my car in the garage and walk around the neighborhood to find all the hidden gems. I do believe within the very first week, I tried Tipsy Cow. Contrary to its name I tried one of their salads…which was good, but… it was a salad. Nothing to write home about. Luckily, whatever reason encouraged me to walk down Ventura again and straight into Tipsy Cow, I finally tried their burgers. Wow! Enough Said.
I have tried a few of the burgers now, but what keeps me coming back is the Tipsy Style Burger. Okay let me back up.
The ingredients on some of these burgers are a little over the top. But when you are craving a burger I dont think you sit at home contemplating the toppings. You think about how juicy it is, how accurate the chef can cook the cuissant to precisely what you desire, and … the bun. At Tipsy Cow the beef is unbelievably tasty. Their free-range beef is perhaps the best I have had in this city so far. I take my hat off to the chef, who I would love to meet one day, as he makes a medium a true medium. That, my friends, is hard to come by. And the bun? Well, lets just say it has the ability to envelope the goodness of its contents without breaking apart and without breaking my mouth.

tipsy cow
As they do state on their website, if the beef doesnt tickle your fancy there are several other options. I havent had them myself but I do hear the lamb burger is good (when not too salty) and the salmon burger is quite tender. Ive had one bite of the latter.
But lets focus on the rest of the restaurant. Service has always been top notch. In fact, I dont think there is a single server who hasnt engaged in a real conversation with me other than the typical ‘would you like some more water’. That says something. On occasion the restaurant is too busy, but can you blame them?
And the drinks. There are always a plethora of craft beers on tap which I think is key to the survival of a good bar in LA. A lot of their cocktail ingredients are made fresh daily, and I would have to say they are damn tasty.
Most of all I gravitate towards the Tipsy Cow because the environment is open, airy, and comfortable. Not in a dark and secluded kind of way but in a sunny and casual kind of way.
In any case, if I were to write my categorical top restaurants today the Tipsy Cow would make it to the top of the list for burgers.

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