R + D

R&D is a really fun place located on a seemingly popular strip. I have yet to thoroughly discover Montana but it is a name that comes up a lot. And often times it’s because people are talking about R&D. On a very quiet no-nothing Friday my gals and I decided to do happy hour there. They don’t have a happy hour menu per se but it was the right time of day to be enjoying ourselves in this neighborhood. The idea was we would enjoy a drink or two before one of the girls would split off to have a date with her husband. Let’s just say plans changed.

To begin with we ordered a bottle of champagne. I took a poll to see what one appetizer I should order, and hands down it was the chicken meatballs. So light, so tender. And smothered in homemade tomato sauce. And chicken is not a common meatball but it resonated the tenderness of my mom’s homemade turkey meatballs so I fell in love right away. Beside me a gentleman ordered the deviled eggs, of which he devoured in 3 seconds flat, so I’m gonna go with they were yummy.

All four of us (… I should stop and tell you date night was derailed when hubby discovered we were at R&D and decided to stay with us) ordered two of each – steak, mash, mustard greens, and a side of red peppers with goat cheese. None of this appears on the menu but I guess when you come here often enough you know what to order. The steak was melt in your mouth perfectly medium rare. I didn’t speak a word until the whole meal was complete. So good!

The ambiance is much like you would find in any chain restaurant so you would certainly come here for a lively atmosphere. I’d even say it might be a fun place for a first date ?!? Later in the evening it does get somewhat overcrowded but it’s a good energy. What we really loved though was the service. Generally speaking, big box restaurants like this don’t always instill attentive service. I’d even go as far to say that it wasn’t expected. Yet we were taken care of by the bartender, server, chef, as if we were the only patrons in the restaurant. That speaks volumes for me.

I would absolutely go back to R&D and there are some must-haves on the menu for next time, including their signature crispy chicken sandwich.

Note that R&D is part of Hillstone restaurant group with names across the country. R&D has 3 locations in California alone so we can call ourselves lucky.

R + D Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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