On the Thirty

Bold statement alert: On the Thirty may be my favourite place in Sherman Oaks so far! There. I said it and now I feel better. I got it out there.

From the outside On the Thirty seems like the kind of place you need to dress up for. In fact, my casual strolls along Ventura often discouraged me from walking into On the Thirty when I first got here because I wasn’t quite dressed for the crowd. And then I realized they just have beautiful people working there and thus attract beautiful patrons as well. But that’s a sidenote.

One of the owners is apparently Canadian … So that’s cool. And his contribution to the menu (in part) is the ‘an ode to Montreal’ poutine. And it’s a large portion let me tell ya. Ok I guess we are starting with the food. The menu really does cover all its bases. They have an oyster bar, which I haven’t had yet but many people do indulge in this little treat. They also have a meats and cheese section which again I haven’t tried.   Some other sections include mains and salads. BUT their pizzas and their small plates are so yummy. I’ve had a few of their pizzas including their signature ‘the thirty’ pizza. It boggles my mind how quickly the food comes out and normally this would raise red flags that the food is too prepped beforehand. But not in this case. I personally think it’s magic but whatever it is, it’s working. The flavours are amazing, the dough is beautifully baked, and it’s the perfect size. For me I wouldn’t be able to eat anything after the pizza and sometimes I have enough to take home with me. The small plates, as I said, are really fun. The chicken skewers are quite tender. The amaze balls are quite filling but delightful. My favourite though is the poke. It’s a very healthy portion size, and the flavours are vibrant. It actually sort of caught me by surprise as the description doesn’t do it justice.

It has always been my fun treat to try local beers, and they certainly have a good selection.
The ambiance is fun and happy. If you go alone, the semi wraparound bar is great for people watching. Or if you’re not into that sort of thing they do have tv’s. It hasn’t ever been too loud, but always busy. I think because of the size and openness of the restaurant it doesn’t trap any of the sound. I would like to see how busy it gets on a Friday night. Potentially they could be a good venue for early night cocktails.
I am pretty stoked about going back to try the balls of meat 🙂


I have since been back. Oh boy did I go back.

I had to finally order the Amaze Balls – which are to die for but for my preference only I wish they had a bit more potato and a little less cheese. I know.. less cheese?!? yeah its just a contrast thing and I love potato as much as I love cheese. Couldnt go wrong with the truffle oil french fries. Duh! But the wings are a tad to spicy (and I can take spicy food). Just ends up burning your lips after a while.

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