Mulberry Street Pizzaria

Foldable pizza? Nuff said.

You know what I’m talking about? Piping hot pizza with the cheese threatening to fall off so you fold the slice, and gently ease the corner of the slice into your mouth, one piping hot nibble at a time. I think that might be the epitome of #foodporn.

Not much to detail about this location of Mulberry (and I haven’t been to the other two locations). Its just what you want in a pizzeria. The ordering counter with a few different slices on display, you order your pie and take a seat at the back while you wait. Its not a large venue by any means which makes it kinda special to find a table, and the place is cozy warm because of the pizza oven. Its just a simple little spot to have close by.

There is a full menu, and I’m sure its all great, but this place screams pizza. As I said, traditional large slices with zesty tomato sauce and various toppings. Real pizza.

And … Elle Fanning was in line just before us. That’s kinda cool.
Mulberry Street Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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