Marmalade Cafe

I really love the Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks on Ventura. There are kind of two very unique parts to the restaurant that normally wouldnt go together but for some reason it just works. To your right – the first thing you notice upon entering the fairly small venue – is the prominent bar housing a few tv screens and sports fans galore. And to your left, and wrapping around the back and to the right side is a dining area that normally has families, baby showers, mother’s day ladies, or any other quaint social gathering that desires a more intimate setting. So to my earlier point, it normally wouldnt work to have sports fans juxtaposed with a baby shower, but the respectful clientele are there to enjoy themselves and not to interfere with the others.

Marmalade Cafe is a chain restaurant but they are not very commercial in decor or menu. The bar is a bar, so I wont go into describing that part of the venue but the dining area is what I would describe as the perfect little room to have a mother’s day brunch or a Sunday tea with my girlfriends. The first time I went to Marmalade was right before I signed the lease for my apartment so I was pre-Sherman-Oaks back then, and the yellow awning invited me in. I had a tuna sandwich and it was divine. Butter-fried with oozing tuna salad and cheeze…mmm! Every since then I had been craving to go back, and I have a few times. In fact the second time I went in was when I took notice that the menu was (for the most part) quite healthy.

The stir-fry with salmon was loaded with veggies and a hearty portion of salmon, with a light sauce. Ive also tried their breakfast. It must be a salmon trend for me but their salmon, kale, and wild rice hash with two poached eggs on top is this delicious healthy combo of ingredients that just sits so nicely in your belly. Most recently off of their seasonal menu I tried their vegetable and barley soup which I really thought was going to be… too healthy in taste. It was in fact a very light (and lightly salted) home made soup with tons of veggies and thankfully not a lot of beans.

Overall the menu has a ton of options, both meat and veggie friendly. I really dont think you’ll have a problem selecting items that are dietary friendly at all.

For those of you looking to bring your kids, they are very kid friendly. They have a coloring menu and booster seats/high chairs.

The service is great and everyone is really friendly.

I really like this place. Im gonna have to try to see if any of the other locations are this cute.


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