The review on Forma isnt quite complete as I didnt order a lot of food. But what I did order is much too good to forget about.

Forma is an Italian Restaurant created by Chef Piero Topputo, General Manager Mario Sabatini, and third partner Rob Donnell. Honestly I went for one thing, and one thing only… the pasta tossed in a cheese wheel. I know this tradition goes back to Italy, and not an American-grown tradition. There are 4 choices of pasta under the dalla forma section, each with a different sauce and complimented specifically by a different cheese. I chose the Sphaghetti ‘Cacio e Pepe’  tossed in pepper and extra virgin olive oil, complimented by percorino romano. Ok, so the place is an experience in itself. But after all is said and done, the pasta is delicious! Warning: each option is quite rich so I would recommend sharing. But if you are a pasta fan like I am, you must try this!


The venue was gutted and transformed into a clean white space, with accent red benches. The bar is the feature element of the restaurant, for both wine and a plethora of cheeses. And while I sat at this gorgeous bar I will say the service was wonderful. Tucked in the far back corner resides the cheese wheels, and as your pasta comes out you are welcome to get up from your seat and watch the action live.

There is also a well-rounded menu if you aren’t in the mood for pasta. Not that I’ve tried any of it, but it is there.

Forma Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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