Can one blogger cover all of Los Angeles

When I started blogging back in 2010 it took me mere weeks to discover tha Urbanspoon was the main hub by which people searched for restaurants (menus, locations, reviews, etc). And more importantly in order to get your own blog traffic you need to link your site to Urbanspoon. It was an exceptional tool for bloggers like myself.

This year, in June, Urbanspoon was folded into an Indian website called Zomato who acquired them late in 2014. Read more here. From what I have read, this Gurgaon-based website has major presence in countries all over the world. But here are my observations in North America. First, people in cities such as Ottawa (Canada) couldn’t find their beloved Urbanspoon and I do believe their traffic as well as mine decreased this year. Second, in places like LA where Urbansoon never really had a presence to begin with, Zomato had to start from scratch to challenge apps such as Yelp. So what does a girl do when she’s so determined to become visible in the food world of LA?

Where do I begin? Well, I have found a plethora of food blogs associated with newspapers and journals that appear to be well read in the city. But its not my full time job so Im not about to get hired at one of those institutions. Im trying to make friends with other like-minded bloggers and hopefully they will accept me in their circles.

But mostly, my agenda is to gain some credibility in this city and hopefully (man my fingers are crossed really tightly) that alone will be enough to spread the word about my opinion, as loose as it may be 🙂

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. And as always thank you for the support.


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